We've got ideas. Let's test them out.

each site experiment will have a few controls:

Community We will connect users across each experiment. You will interact in new ways on new topics with your friends (and enemies).

Transparency We will solicit input on our new ideas & observations and highlight our mistakes & failures. The only failed experiment is one in which we fail to learn.

Fun Why does shopping have to be so boring? We will keep our personality in all our experiments, and build places where we want to hang out.

So what are we working on?

We'll want some help working through our ideas:


Are there valued suggestions for what to bring to an event?

Can our community build valuable answers to "I’m going [camping], what should I bring" for a realm of activities and life events?


Can our community run a crap distribution network?

Curate a unique grab-bag and you'll get one in return. Head to the forums to vote, brag or gripe about your luck.


Is a classic daily deal site compelling again?

The simple fun of a single daily event store went downhill with the added clutter of selection - is a rebirth possible? Meh?


Can we rank product news & deals looking
at what the community does rather than requiring up-votes?


Spite is an emotion unique to humans; how will you react to our social price scenarios?

(assigned asset: spite.com)

0-click buy?

10 apps
for a penny cancel any time?

Something like Nest but for
your beard?

But first, we have some work to do...

we'd like to start experimenting as quickly as possible, but we need to build a solid foundation first

under construction
sourcing & inventory
warehouse & shipping
user accounts & checkout
forums & customer service

Remember Woot? We built that.

Next up, other mediocre websites.

Be a mediocre employee

We're looking for people so good they don't need to call themselves ninjas, gurus, or rockstars.

Creative We need designers and writers to translate thoughts and ideas into sketches, drafts, and mockups.

Engineering We want developers who can quickly turn mockups into prototypes, and prototypes into massively scalable sites.

Business We're building a tech-savvy sourcing team to hunt down products that are cool, fun, and, of course, cheap.