a mediocre shirt (Available Exclusively to VMP Members)


Mediocreship has its privileges.

Hey, look, it’s the perfect shirt to wear with your Members Only jacket: a Meh shirt whose ownership is strictly limited to fully accredited members of our Very Mediocre People program.

Fortunately for you non-initiates, this shirt is a little easier to get ahold of than, say, Hell’s Angels colors or the green Masters jacket. All you have to do is sign up for a VMP membership at the almost imperceptible cost of $5 a month. You can join as you’re buying the shirt: just check the box you’ll see as you’re checking out.

Joining VMP isn’t just about looking fabulous. VMP membership also includes the prime benefit of free shipping on any Meh order.

And we’re stringing up our virtual velvet rope for future VMP-only events like this one. So not only will you be supporting a group of dynamite young people as we chase our dreams and occasionally burst into infectious, joyous song: you’ll also get some cheap shit out of the deal.

You can cancel your VMP membership at any time. We’ll even refund your latest monthly charge, if you haven’t used the free shipping since then. Your benefits end immediately, so if you cancel the day before our Free VMP Cruise to Tahiti, you can save your sunscreen. But come on, five bucks a month. You can swing that.

(And we’re never going to do a Free VMP Cruise to Tahiti. Let’s just make that clear right now. It’s more of a “free shipping and exclusive t-shirt” type scene.)


  • Includes neck hole, waist hole, arm hole, and FREE BONUS arm hole
  • Made of 100% matter
  • For VMP members only!! Do not let non-members wear yours!! We are not kidding!! See how serious these two exclamation points are!!
  • You can join VMP as you’re buying this shirt
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