Meh Snap Cables


Bonus stuff is coming, VMP member

If you were VMP as of 12/8/14, you got an order of these & didn’t need to do anything.

We were sitting around the heavily fortified Mediocre Labs compound the other day, eating our fourth or fifth pudding cup of the day, when we got to thinking: “Know what Very Mediocre Person members like? Stuff.”

So you will soon receive, via meatspace parcel service, TOCCs Snap Cables. They’re those little hard plastic sync cables, small enough to carry around on your keychain. And in this case, they bear the Meh logo, just so you don’t forget who makes it rain around here.

Go on. Take it. It’s free. This “order” will even show up on your never-before-seen page (not your Meh orders page). That’s where you can track your package with no-doubt bated breath. If you want to taunt the non-VMP suckers who have to pay for theirs, these same cables will be for sale at through 11:59 PM Eastern time, Tuesday, December 9.

Otherwise, just sit back and wait for that sweet, sweet snap cable action to drift through your transom. Mediocreship has its privileges, eh?


  • Quickly charge and sync smartphones & tablets
  • Portable, lightweight design
  • Sturdy hook clips onto keychains, purses, luggage, backpacks & more
  • Secure, reinforced plastic body provides long lasting durability
  • Streamlined, gold plated USB connector

For Android:

  • Compatible with Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG, Nokia, Blackberry & other Micro USB devices

Condition - New
Warranty - 90 Day TOCCs
Ships Free Via - FedEx SmartPost

###What’s in the Box?

1x TOCCs Micro USB Snap Cable