Fukobukuro: Fukai Shitsubō Edition

jason2483 went on a bit of a rant said

The title isn’t precise, it could have similar nomenclature depicting the greatest disappointment possible. I think meh.com should sell a limited number of bags full of the greatest disappointment ever attained by mankind. The recipient gets a bag with characters on the outside made with reflective material, a foreshadowing of what is to come. Disappointment. Inside the bag, there is nothing but a mirror finish on the bottom. The buyer looks and sees nothing but their own mediocre face. They have no one to blame but themselves. They should never have purchased it.

They were warned. The description clearly stated that the obscene price of $555 was just for an empty bag. Some people purchased anyway, with expectations of receiving more than advertised. The terms were clear, the recipient is guaranteed a lifetime of disappointment. For as long as Mediocre has a retail outlet, the buyer’s disappointment is guaranteed to be shipped free the rest of their lives. They even get priority for annual bags of disappointment. These people would be the few. Known forever as the most unexceptional VMP’s that will exist. The poor saps who wasted enough money for a wall of bobbleheads of average performing sports figures. Money thrown at an undistinguished website that will probably just spend the money on bubblewrap to entertain bored employees with.

What do you think? I must confess, I was really just hoping for a free one for thinking of it. (Although I may or may not lose a bet that all I would get is just an empty bag if I caught you on a good day).