Hearthstone - I know you're playing it

JerseyFrank thought this was worth mentioning said

I'm not a CCG gamer, but I love Dominion. I've always wondered what about CCGs interested people. The barrier to entry is very high for what appears to be very little reward. Hearthstone scratches the curiosity itch for me. My investment is low (time only), and I am matched up well enough that it's not constantly infuriating.

Biggest downside so far has been friend-play. The regular 1v1 modes (Play & Arena) do a good job of balancing my investment (again, just time) with the rewards (cards, in-game currency). The friend play does nothing. The two friends I play against are poorly matched (one much better in skill and cards, one equal in skill but fewer good cards). There are no rewards, no wagering, and the play doesn't count towards quests. Basically, there's no reason to play against a friend.

So, who wants to add me? fgarriel@gmail.com