Help! I Can't Log in with Google or Amazon

snapster thought this was worth mentioning said

Hi did you find this because you were trying to log in and the normal button you press to log in with a third party was gone?

If you did, this could be our planned removal of Amazon and Google as authentication providers. We removed them to simplify our UI due to low usage.

Moving forward, Facebook will remain as our only supported 3rd party authentication provider.

All 3rd party created accounts DO create a native profile under your account name or your email address as sign in methods. If you connected an existing account, you may already know the password. If you do not, simply use the Forgot Password link (after a login attempt) to obtain a password reset email.

This post could cover your instructional needs other times when even Facebook login isn’t working or provided on the place you want to log in. Use the same instructions to reset your Native Account Password and log in with your username or your email address.

Thanks for your support.