Mediocre Animation for Mediocre Videos


Soon we’ll have regular videos up and running on some of our experiments, a project for which there’s a lot of preparatory work to do. For example:

I’m trying to learn a program called Toon Boom Studio in hopes some of our videos could be animated.

I actually talked my old boss at my last job into buying this very same software, but I never learned to use it, so I doubt he regarded it as an excellent investment. Through a cruel twist of fate, he’s my new boss here, too! (Hi, Dave.) So if I wanted Mediocre to buy TBS, I was going to be arguing from a position of disadvantage.

Then over the holidays, there was a significant year-end discount on it! So I just shelled out for it myself, figuring I could put in for reimbursement IFF I learn to use it.

Thusly motivated, I started last week to try figuring it out. Here’s my clumsy first attempt at an animated sequence:

As you can see, it's a complete success in two respects: 1. I've learned the most very basic rudiments of this software, and 2. I've left plenty of headroom for Mediocre cartoons to improve. Seriously, you don't want to demonstrate mastery of any new task right out of the gate; you'll devalue it.