Mediocre Audio for Mediocre Videos

matthew wanted you to listen to this said

Howdy, Mediocreants!

I'm a new staffer here -- until quite recently, I made videos for Another Internet Retail Concern.

In the coming days, I'll be creating new videos for and about Mediocre. You'll see them soon on this forum -- and maybe on whatever other sites happen to sprout like toadstools in Mediocre's damp shadow.

One of the (many, unexpectedly time-consuming) preparatory steps in making these new Mediocre videos is that I have to generate background music for them. In the Mediocre spirit of transparency, here's one such track in progress:

I doubt it will be very interesting to listeners! It's only intended as background music, after all. But to improve the odds it will entertain today's hip teens, I added a brief "dub-step" section to this edit. The kids like that sort of thing, right?

Expect to find the finished version of this recording on your last nerve as a soundtrack element in a Mediocre video shortly! Also, hello.