Order History Empty and VMP dies

jamminonthejuan thought this was worth mentioning said

I wonder why my order history is empty? I was looking to compare the Remington knives to the ones I ordered before, and it reads: you haven’t bought anything. . .which is sort of true. Nonetheless, I have literally purchased speakers, knives, and water bottles. For the record, I’ve never-ever touched the meh button (347 days mediocre though). I’m considering canceling my VMP membership (not over this technical inconsistency). However, I have a lot of mediocre potential. I am aware the VMP memberships are no longer available. Even still, I need to be talked down. . .shipping may be worth it. . .i paid $10 at USPS to ship a semi motivational book-a fucking bogus price. . .no insurance or overnight. . .it was a hardback that could not have weighed more than a pound. Maybe the world is ending? Help!!!