The Gall of these STONES

AZnatural1 thought this was worth mentioning said

I’m about to open fire on my gallbladder, not with surgery, scalpel, or a bear claw, but with lemon juice, Epsom salts, Apple Juice, Olive Oil, a straw, and good old-fashioned layman health information.

You know how it is, you eat Chinese food, and you feel the burn. Or wings and a beer. Orange chicken. Doughnuts. French fries. Might as well list it: grease.

I’m looking forward, actually to all of the volumes of apple juice I need to drink to soften the stones. And I’m actually thinking of maybe a photo of the stones that pass. I hear that can be in the " hundreds". Yikes?

So, fellow mehighbors, has anyone else done a liver flush?