Video: Seligman Findings

matthew had a video to watch said

I know, I know, at this point basically anyone in this forum is a super-insider, and therefore totally up to speed on our SELIGMAN experiment from a while back.

Everyone, that is, except for me!

I'm new here, so when I recently got my first chance to visit Mediocre HQ, one of the highlights was seeing all the bizarre junk people had sent. I made this video about it:

I'm still kind of amazed at how many people played along. SELIGMAN happened before I was part of the team, so I experienced it on the user side (user #22, IN YOUR FACES HIGHER USER NUMBERS), and I didn't even entertain the idea of sending a gift. I was like "awesome, free money, thanks suckers," and bought myself THE MUMMY (1932) and CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON on Blu-ray.

Seeing the SELIGMAN results in person made me really glad not every participant acted as purely selfishly as I did. But I still don't understand why not. When I puzzle over it I feel like Spock trying to make sense of Kirk's strange human emotions.

Incidentally, I had never seen THE MUMMY before buying the Blu-ray; it's terrific.