What is Checkout.org redux (preview)


We’ve had this domain in our toolbox from the start of Mediocre Labs in 2013, so some of you may be familiar with it in the wild.

Back then it was a short series of pop-up 1-item offers that we let other partners attach to.

Moving forward, we’re expanding that utility to include features for publishers and other media with audiences:

checkout.org expansion set for customer preview

-- Multiple item & event driven storefront merchandising
-- Private storefront branding
-- Membership program with free shipping and loyalty share
   to publishers  
-- Branded merchandise sourcing with licensing royalties to
-- Inventory, warehousing & transportation support
-- Branded customer service by email 
-- Marketing support via email outreach on new offers 
-- Offers with exclusive value superior to Amazon/Walmart 
-- Members-only support community forums

Immediately, a small change you’ll notice is that the MorningSave.com site is now “Powered by Checkout.org”; indeed, the offerings you see there represent some of those we’ll make available to future Checkout.org storefronts. The site MorningSave itself is a transitional step for brands partnering with our checkout platform initiative while contemplating their own sites. Further features and actual partner sites will be rolled out in the coming months.

In some contexts, you’ll see us refer to Checkout.org as an anti-retail disrupter, a native commerce platform, or even a manufacturer portal. Our strategy anticipates all three of these future positions while acknowledging transitional realities. We believe in a future where there is no need for middleman retailer geography on the internet.

The creation of the Checkout.org platform also represents a split from our own core retail functions (d’oh!) where we try to excuse our retail footprint by being weirdo, snarky jerks while hosting open communities for folks to yell at us or point out competitor offerings. Somehow that’s still fun for us. We accept that someday these retail functions should cease as redundant and, in that direction, the majority of them will be branded with Mediocre themed names like our Meh.com retail-apathy flagship. Standby for continued exploration in this direction.

In the next few days we’ll be launching a new stackable Membership program that will tie our past and future plans together. Those that remained VMP members post 3/1 will be automatic members of the fullest Membership program while retaining other VMP rights as promised.

Thanks for reading through this preview of our plan on Checkout.org and the separation of Mediocre core-retail. It’ll make more sense shortly but let me know if you have any questions for now.