What's everyone doing for thanksgiving?

CowboyDann thought this was worth mentioning said

Just curious to what everyone's plans are. I ask today because I'm leaving tomorrow to drive down to humboldt, then to berkeley on monday and back home on wednesday.

I just moved up to seattle and borrowed my dad's truck for the move, so I'll be driving back down to Socal (4th 1400+ mile drive in 3 months woo!) to bring down his truck. I guess my parents invited a few family friends over and I'll be doing all the cooking for 12-16... Something I've never really done before. Could be disastrous- it should be a lot of fun though... Got a good 10 courses planned. Maybe you guys could also add some special holiday favorites that aren't the old standbys? I could use some inspiration in different dishes.

Anyways, what are you all up to?