Last chance to join - VMP is closed to new members after March 1st


Starting March 1st, we’re turning off sign-ups for VMP, our $5/month membership with free shipping and other benefits on Mediocre sites. We’re going to rethink this whole ‘membership’ thing, and have some ideas we’ll try out soon, but the first step is ending VMP for new customers.

Why now? While Meh is our most popular site, we’ve been expanding into partnerships with other brands, and we’ve got plans for further moves in that direction. As we grow these partnerships, we’re reaching a wider demographic. It’s the right time to rethink the benefits we offer and how our partners can participate.

All you VMPers are really important to us. Not because you give us money…well, sure, that’s part of it…but you’re our core crowd. You created our community, helped build our voice, and establish our culture. So we’re offering to grandfather in everyone who’s an active member on March 1st to the VMP program with its current benefits (free shipping, the 10% discount on MorningSave, the 4pm Meh launch, and the rest), for as long as you keep your monthly VMP membership active.

VMP is dead, and long live VMP.